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 French Bulldogs for Sale in Florida / Top Quality AKC French Bulldogs
French Bulldogs Puppies Available Now in Orlando, FLORIDA
French Bulldog Puppy Financing!

We are proud to offer the finest French Bulldogs for sale in FLORIDA.  Our exclusive line of designer French Bulldogs in Florida offers "Local Orlando Pick Up" or we can arrange delivery with a dedicated "Ground Puppy Transporter" or a "puppy nanny", we can arrange for your pup to be flown anywhere in the USA on the day they are ready to go home.

Unlike many local hobby breeders, we prioritize the health and quality of our Frenchies. Our 15 Year breeding program is dedicated to producing Frenchies with a compact, muscular build, short stature, and strong bone structure.  Our puppies are known for their compactness and density. We strive to breed the absolute best Frenchie puppies for sale in Florida. Our FBF pups boast larger heads, shorter and thicker legs, compact yet solid bodies with shorter backs, symmetrical ropes (the fold over the nose), proper ears, and irresistibly cute flat profiles. When choosing between buying local or investing in the highest quality, it is an important decision to make when selecting a Frenchie.   We work with some of the best French Bulldog Genetics 🧬 in the world.  Our sires and dams are producing some of the most beautiful and rare French bulldog puppies for sale.  All of our Sires and Dams are 4 panel health clear and have had both genetic health screening as well as color testing.

                                                       Frenchies for Sale in Florida

Here at French Bulldogs of Florida, all of our Frenchie's for sale are built with amazing structure.  Our Frenchie's are short, compact, solid, come in all of the rarest colors and coat types.

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When you purchase a frenchie puppy for sale from us, expect nothing but the best.  Our focus starts with temperament, compact size and proper structure as well as rare colors and combinations.  For peace of mind, every French Bulldog puppy for sale from French Bulldogs of Florida will come with AKC papers, a full health guarantee against any genetic conditions as well as up to date vaccinations with vet record and a microchip.

                                                  Frenchie Prices and Frenchie Colors

Pricing normally depends on the color and coat type.  Our pups start around $2500 and up with most being sold as pets.  For Full AKC registration for breeders there is an additional fee.  We’ve got a variety of Standard Colors to Merles as well including Lilac Merle FrenchieFluffy Frenchie Puppy, Isabella, Rojo, Blue Merle and more.  Most of the time when people call or email looking for a blue, then end up wanting a blue Merle or Lilac.  Remember, a Blue French Bulldog is going to be a little darker in color than Lilac and that pups typically darken up a tad as they get older.  Because pups are born we often cannot tell the blues from the lilacs apart for some time.  For this reason, getting the pups DNA tested is important for those that are the best Frenchie breeders.



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