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    What Is The Difference Between a $1000 and a $3,4,5K Frenchie?

If you already decided to buy a French bulldog puppy then you might find yourself in a dilemma on how to choose the best one. When I say the best one, I mean on choosing the puppy that is cleaned from potential health issues that are caused by genetics. You certainly don't want to spend a large amount of money on an ill puppy that you'll need to take to the vet every 2 weeks.


It's true that a Frenchie can be bought for $1000 however, have you ever wondered of what dog are you buying actually? Who are the parents of that puppy? Did his/her parents suffer from any health issues? Is that a purebred Frenchie? What can you expect from such a dog in the future? These could be only some of the question you should ask yourself. 

Let me clear out something. Buying a $1,000  French bulldog doesn't sound good at all.
You'd should be careful of those so-called breeders!


Luckily, today is much easier to find a reputable Frenchie breeder thanks to the internet and social networks. You can always search for people's experience when buying a dog from certain breeders. On the other hand, you can also ask your friends and the vet for advice.

It's also important to know that reputable breeders never have a large number of puppies at the same time. They rather produce 2 or 3 healthy French bulldog puppies than 6 or 7. The reasons for such a rule are many. It's simply not worthy of earning money and producing unhealthy puppies that will have a short life span. There's something about respecting the ethical way of breeding and love for those dogs.


We all know that the French bulldog breed is unique in many ways. Starting from their appearance to their diet and then to breeding, and mating. You maybe haven't heard for the following fact but French bulldogs aren't capable to mate in a traditional way. Due to their specifically shaped hips and short legs, Frenchie dams need to go through artificial insemination. As you can guess, it presents a certain cost for a breeder. 

Finding a good stud also presents a challenge. Both the stud and the bitch need to be completely healthy and need to have all the papers (including the ones relating their health).

When it comes to pregnancy part, pregnant Frenchies require a high protein diet in order to provide the puppies with plenty of vitamins and to improve lactation. Talking about the time for a puppy delivery, they need to go through a C-section. Due to puppies' big heads and shoulders, female's birth canal isn't wide enough to handle the labor. That's why the date of surgery need to be scheduled before the expected date of delivery. Otherwise, if the delivery starts, it may turn out to be fatal both for mom and babies. Considering all these facts, French bulldog moms are very brave and go through many stages before they deliver the puppies.

The number of puppies usually goes from one to three and for a breeder, the cost is always the same. No matter if a dam carries one or three puppies, he always spends the same amount of money on surgery, diet, and care.


Since French bulldog moms aren't capable to stand on their paws and take care of their children, a breeder is the only person who can actually help in the first two weeks.

Puppy Frenchies need to be fed on every 3 hours (like human babies) and they shouldn't be left with a mom alone. Unfortunately, gremlin moms can accidentally lay over some of the puppies and cause a tragedy. Despite they are known as good moms, they aren't conscious there's a possibility to hurt the babies. 

In other words, raising newborn puppies is a 24h job. There's always one small buddy in the litter that is unable to find the way for food. The main breeder's role is to provide all the puppies with enough mom's milk and to do certain health checks before the time for selling comes. 


The price of a Frenchie puppy usually ranges between 2,500-15,000$. The price much depends on a number of puppies in the litter, color of fur , DNA, Gender and carried genes. When I say carried genes, I mean on a dilute gene that affects the amazing color of the fur - Like Blue / Tan / Merle . Chocolate etc.  There's a wrong opinion that such puppies are considered for unhealthy. It's actually very rare to own a puppy with a recessive gene, and I must say, it's an honor to own such a puppy. If a dog is bred correctly and has an excellent health history, there's no chance for developing any health issues. 

Of course, it goes in a case when you act responsively and you invest in your dog's health. It includes providing a Frenchie with the right nutrition, care, and training.  


In the end, it all up to you where you'll buy a dog. To be honest, it's not an easy task at all. Living with a dog doesn't need to present a nightmare both for you and your puppy. Therefore, think smart! By investing in your Frenchie puppy, you're investing in his future. Unfortunately, not all dogs get the chance to live a healthy life free of health issues. 

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