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A family looks incomplete without a fun-loving and energetic pet, why not make it complete with our healthy & high-quality French bulldog pet? Frenchie Central is the premium French bulldog breeder in Orlando that deals in providing a vast array of French bulldogs in Orlando, both male and female. Our puppies and adult dogs are available at the most reasonable price.

The French bulldog Orlando is a breed that is getting popular each day for its fun-loving and fascinating cuddly activities. Whether male or female, they love nothing more than taking a nap in a day with you at their side!

Our Frenchies are an asset, a significant part of our family. We strive for excellence in all areas to raise the best quality French bulldogs. All of our puppies and breeders are;

  • AKC registered

  • All vet checked

  • Come with up-to-date shots, a puppy care package & ONE YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE.


There's not a single, but many reasons to think about French bulldog adoption, such as;

  • Our French bulldog puppies are easy to groom.

  • Good for apartment residents – something that adds joy to dull life!

  • Easy to train & fun-loving

  • Absolutely adorable

  • Good for novice owners


Blue French Bulldog Orlando FL are one of the most adorable breeds out there. With their big heads and goofy looks, it's hard not to fall for them! These dogs descend from English bulldogs (a more muscular version).

You might have questions regarding our French bulldogs and their prices in Orlando. Below are the quick answers to the most common questions you might ask;

  • Can we expect cheap French Bulldogs under $500 in Florida?

The price of a French bulldog depends on breeder experience, coat color, pedigree, and several other factors. However, in our collection of French bulldog puppies, you'll certainly find a perfect puppy that could fit your budget.

  • Why French Bulldogs Orlando are so expensive?

Because French Bulldogs are very unique and different due to their highly narrow hips. For this reason, their breeders have to artificially fertilize them when they are ready to give birth, and their puppies are delivered by C-section. This unique feature marks the reason for their increased price.

  • Are there any French Bulldog puppies Orlando Available now?

Yes, they are! Click below, go to our puppies page, choose your required puppy, and click on financing or contact us. Or, you can also click on, “Why Frenchie” to learn about your required pup. Once you inform us about your chosen bulldog puppy, we’ll get it delivered to you.

Our puppies are all well cared for and are very healthy naturally. They’ll be delivered to you with a health certificate showing a clean health bill and any administered vaccinations.

If you adore pets, we'll make you a proud owner of your adorable, loving, and unique Frenchie. After all, we aim to complete our family with a lifelong companion filled with fun, love, and affection.

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